photo by: @erickmadrid43

photo by: @erickmadrid43


A short history...

Jake has been a professional artist in Santa Barbara, California for 14 years. His California creative roots started by road tripping to Santa Barbara, CA from Anacortes, WA in a 1971 VW Bus.

This is Jake's 6th year at the shop and he continues to refine and evolve his approach to tatooing. His passion in the American Traditional / Neo-Traditional style of tattooing is constantly growing. You can spot Jake's graphic and illustrative influences in his composition/layouts, color combinations, and bold line work designs.

He loves working with tattoo collectors who are into Tigers, Heroes, Villains, Grim Reapers, Wolves, Lady heads, Native Americans, Roses/Flowers, Snakes, Eagles, Tallships, Ocean Monsters, Sharks, Hands, Demon Heads, Swords, Sheilds, Daggers, Guns, Weapons, Predatory Animals, Dragons, Mythical Beasts, Comic Book Characters, Cult Films, Movie Characters, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Starwars, etc.